This is an example beginners build for my fork of Sil. I would recommend playing the tutorial and reading the manual but if you just want to get started without too much research the following should get you at least 200 feet into the dungeon.

Character Creation:
	Noldor, House of Feanor

	Str +3
	Dex + 6
	Con + 1
	Gra + 3

	2800 Points into Melee
	1500 Points into Evasion

Equip Curved Sword that is in the first room you spawn in.

The Character Sheet can be opened by pressing escape and then (b). From this screen, pressing (a)bilities or (i)ncrease skills will allow you to spend experience points.

The first skill you should get is Charge. With Charge, you want to equip a very heavy weapon as it increases the damage you do with this build by quite a bit.

Once you unlock Charging in the Melee Tree you want to save up for Dodging and Flanking which are both in the Evasion Tree. At any point you can also spend exp to get your Evasion and Melee to 8 points each.

Send me your death txt files and I’ll post them below