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Abulafia is a collection of GPT-2 models trained on the New Jedi Order novels.

While trying to learn about GPT-2, I trained my own models using the New Jedi Order Star Wars novels as input. The results were amusing but not as interesting as I had hoped so I stopped working on this. It did a decent job describing ships and planets but had trouble with long outputs and most dialogue.

Example Output:

The last of the Jedi Knights, now in their final months, had been working on a secret mission to the Unknown Regions. They had been assigned the mission by the Warmaster Tsavong Lah; once a member of the Jedi Council, he had been shunned for his heresy and killed.The Alliance-class Star Destroyer Guardian had been built in the wake of the disasters at Fondor and Obroa-skai and would be the flagship of the New Republic military. The vessel had been converted from the original Imperial Destroyer into a sort of planetary air superiority platform, and its new configuration was intended to counter the threat of the Chimaera-class Star Destroyer. The clink of a handle against the button on the control board was audible, and the crystal-white image beeped, indicating that the sensitive sensor was signaling for the identification of the object being displayed.“Captain Solo,” the voice of Adarakh Reth announced.“This is a great display,” Han said. “You’re winning us all the awards.”