Tachibana General Labs

Notes on software, art, history, and cryptids.

art supplies

Notes About Art Supplies I Use

Notes on stuff I like using, links to artist blogs that I enjoy reading, etc.

skateboard gear

Skateboard stuff

I always forget the size of my trucks and wheels when I need replacements so I am keeping track here. My first board as a teen was a 42" Kracked Skulls Scimitar longboard with huge wheels. In college I cruised around a lot on a knockoff Penny board that I lost at some point but was very fun to ride. Right now I skate an 8.5" popsicle deck with 53mm Spitfire Formula Four wheels and an old landyachtz dinghy. Everything I skate uses Bones Reds bearings. I use 187 Killer Pads Pro protective gear. They have more than one wrist guard, I use the Derby ones.

casting animal tracks

How To Cast Animal Tracks Using Dental Die/Stone

I bought some Dental Die Type IV and have been trying to cast local animal tracks. Dental Die is harder than Plaster of Paris, requires less material, and dries enough to move in about 10-15 minutes. This last part is the most important to me because my puppy is usually with me when I find them and she is not great at styaing in one spot for longer than that. I am using a 1:3 ratio of water to dental die right now, mixing in a sandwich bag.

stone lithography

Notes on Stone Lithography


Notes On Origami

References on origami, I mostly fold sonobe units.


Notes on cryptids

From time to time, no reading gives me more pleasure than supposedly factual accounts of UFOs, black dogs, vanishing hitchhikers, and similar apparitions, although all such accounts are ultimately unsatisfactory. (I recommend *Sasquatch: the Apes Among Us*, by John Green, should you ever come across a copy.)
—Gene Wolfe, Introduction to Storeys from the Old Hotel

I don't believe that Sasquatch is real but I second Gene Wolfe's suggestion to read John Green's book, it was very fun to read to my puppy.

software notes

Research into software / compilers / programming languages / operating systems.


Uncoordinated collection of links related to books and authors

serial experiments lain

About Serial Experiments Lain

Links related to the anime Serial Experiments Lain. It is my favorite anime and has inspired a lot of my work including the LAIN programming language and Tachibana General Labs.