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2021-04-24 — Old Ben

This is my personal site

I was inspired by conversations with my friend Zelda to create a digital garden. The articles/notes/pages on this site are constantly updating and I find it to be a much nicer way to work than a list of blog posts with dates that can't be edited and show up in reverse chronological order. I use the site to share notes, updates on my projects, links to things I think are useful, etc. I originally wanted to host all of my notes publicly on this site, but currently keep most of my notes in an org-roam database. It is possible in the future that some/all of those notes end up here but for now I keep them separate.



tachibana general labs

About Tachibana General Labs

Tachibana General Labs is the name given to whatever space my experiments/projects are done in. The name is from Serial Experiments Lain and the work is inspired by the Future Gadget Lab and the Ruby Yacht Poet Gang. In 2022, the Tachibana General Labs Center For Puppy Food Science was created for dog related food experiments in my kitchen.

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