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Notes on software, art, history, and cryptids.

art supplies

Notes About Art Supplies

Links to art blogs I like, supplies I use, how to clean stuff, etc.

casting animal tracks

How To Cast Animal Tracks Using Dental Die/Stone

I bought some Dental Die Type IV and have been trying to cast local animal tracks. Dental Die is harder than Plaster of Paris, requires less material, and dries enough to move in about 10-15 minutes. This last part is the most important to me because my puppy is usually with me when I find them and she is not great at styaing in one spot for longer than that. I am using a 1:3 ratio of water to dental die right now, mixing in a sandwich bag.

I've tried making casts a few times during/right after rain and the dental die does eventually harden but takes 2 or 3 times longer than normal in wetter conditions like this.

stone lithography

Kim Jung Gi Inspired Stone Litho Prints

I took a class on stone lithography where I drew on and then printed these images off of a rock named Henri.I took a 10 week Stone Lithography course at the Chicago Printmakers collaborative where I learned about the limestone lithography process and printed an edition of this cat astronaut piece that I never named. It was my first time doing any sort of lithography and I really enjoyed it. I took a lot of handwritten notes during the class and might share them here in the future if I ever finish cleaning them up. Here are some process shots.



Notes On Origami

I mostly fold sonobe units.


Compiler Notes

Notes on compilers. Useful when developing LAIN.

ansi c

ANSI C and Plan 9 C

I mostly write C while using Plan 9/9front so links might be Plan 9 specific.

Ultimately, the goal is to write code that fits in with the other code around it and the system as a whole. If the file you are editing already deviates from these guidelines, do what it does. After you edit a file, a reader should not be able to tell just from coding style which parts you worked on.
—Rob Pike, Plan 9 coding conventions for C


The C language does not provide a library system but there are plenty of incredibly useful single header file libs available.


Book stuff.

“When I was a boy my brother and I had to go bed early whether we were sleepy or not. In summer particularly, bedtime often came before sunset; and because our dormitory was in the east wing of the house, with a broad window facing the central courtyard and thus looking west, the hard, pinkish light sometimes streamed in for hours while we lay staring out at my father’s crippled monkey perched on a flaking parapet, or telling stories, one bed to another, with soundless gestures.”
Opening lines from Fifth Head of Cerberus

serial experiments lain

About Serial Experiments Lain

Links related to the anime Serial Experiments Lain. Inspiration for the LAIN programming language and Tachibana General Labs.

plan 9

Plan 9 / 9front notes

Plan 9 links


Raytracer Notes

Notes on raytracer implementations, notes, guides, etc.

computer graphics

Computer Graphics

Catch all page for non raytracer computer graphics notes